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DTF Gang Sheet Builder

DTF Gang Sheet Builder

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Build your own Gang Sheet

Create Your Custom DTF Transfers!

Display your original artwork on gang sheets that are 22" wide and up to 144" long. Your designs can feature colorful graphics or full-color photos.

These transfers come with a white background, ideal for embellishing fabrics of any hue, whether it's 100% cotton, polyester, or a blend of both. Say goodbye to the tedious weeding process - simply press and showcase your creations with confidence!



This means submission of a PNG file type with a transparent background that is 300DPI in resolution.  Images submitted below 300DPI will not result in the quality you deserve and will not be reprinted or refund.

DO NOT MIRROR your images.    

All transfers have white printed under them to allow you to transfer onto any color fabric.   Keep in mind that if you have not removed the white background on the inside or outside areas of your image, those will print WHITE.  

Colors may vary slightly from your original art submission.

We do offer art services should you need them.   You can e-mail your image/s to and request a quote.   We want you to look your very best out there, so ask if you need help.   

If you are purchasing images instead of creating them yourself, please be sure to read the terms and conditions of the seller (artist).    They may have exclusions that do not allow you to print transfers.    When in doubt, e-mail the sellers.  

Licensed/Trademarked images, screenshots, and watermarked images will NOT be accepted and refunds will NOT be issued. Instead, store credit will be issued upon approval from management.

Press instructions along with proper care instructions will accompany your order.

HEAT PRESS REQUIRED to press transfers.

Sizing Chart (suggested only)

Size Longest Side*
Infant 5 inches
7 inches
Youth 8.5 inches
Adult (S-XL) 10.5 inches
Adult+ (2XL+) 12 inches


***If you have ordered additional items from our web site they will be held until your DTF's are printed so they will ship together. 


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